The first day

26 09 2007

I’m back at school again, and it’s starting out as the best year so far.  I’m in a campus apartment that’s closer to my classes than last year’s dorm.  I’m living with the same roommate as last year; we managed not to kill each other in such cramped spaces, so let’s give it another year.  This is going to be my busiest year too.  This quarter I have four classes: Thermodynamics, Electrodynamic Field Theory, Fluid Mechanics, and Material Science. I’m also heading up the ASME bike project, I’m our chapter’s voting delegate at this year’s Tau Beta Pi national convention, and I  have the Bannan Scholar’s retreat next weekend.

Today was only the first day of class, and we’ve already done so much.  It was great to sleep in for a couple days; we went to Archie Mcphee while Brian almost got blood drained from the scar in his butt; then to Brian’s house to raid the pantry and forget everything on our list; and jumped off a dock in our skivvies.  We finally got plates and bowls today, although we don’t have silverware yet past plastic forks and steak knives.  If only we could get to Ikea…

And the fun doesn’t stop there: we still have to have a bonfire at Golden Gardens, see the Beatles laser show, go to Ivar’s at the end of Madison, head up Broadway to St. Mark’s, head farther up Broadway to visit Selma, see some shows at UW, go to the symphony, get a double feature at the Pacific Place AMC, Blue C Sushi in Fremont, climb the giant Lenin in Fremont, climb the troll in Fremont, see the Red Bull Soapbox Derby in Fremont.  Then there’s the question of where to go on my 21st.  Decisions, decisions.




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