The Beach Dielectric

24 07 2008

This is the first post I’ve written on the iPhone WordPress app, so I’ll see how of goes. I wish it turned sideways for the larger keyboard, but hey, it was free.

Today tests, a dielectric analysis of different thin film samples of polymer composite, take 15 minutes each, giving me plenty of time to advance in Aurora Feint. After I upgraded to 2.0, my iPhone starts up with the pineapple now, but I miss Puzzlemaniak, my old timedump. It’s just a matter of time before Cydia gets off it feet.

Bethy’s picking me up tonight, and we’re driving home to the TC for the night. Tomorrow we’ll get up bright and early to get to Seaside to meet the rest of the Kays. I went with them last year to the Oregon coast, all piled into a van, listening to the first half of the HP7 audiobook. This time, we’re meeting two more brothers their partners, and their kids, 13 people total. We’ll need a bigger bonfire to keep us all warm.




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