Hole in 6

26 07 2008

Great time at the beach. We took the dogs to Hug Point, and Ollie tried to dig his way to China, spraying Kathleen and Rachel with sand in the process. I climbed to the top of a rock by the surf, maybe 30 feet up; the water side was like barnacles stairs, do it was more impressive looking from the beach than it really is. Then I spidermanned across some sandstone to the other beach, careful most not to dunk my camera.

Everybody else got bored of the beach, so we went back to Seaside and played minigolf. There was a helicopter tour next door that took off every 10 minutes we were there, and at a minimum of $40 a pop, they probably light their cigars with benjamins. Then we went out to the beach and flew kites. The dragon flew well, but the delta went even higher, and the diamond hovered inches above the ground despite my best engineering insight. I tied the delta to a log because it didn’t need my attention, but it didn’t come close to my 4-hour kite aloft record.




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