9 09 2007

Anagrams are fun, huh? Anagrams? You rearrange the letters, and you get a secret message of the future. They say that’s what Nostradamus did. He didn’t make the KJB 81 letters across and do a word search, no. He made anagrams of his name because look at that name, you could write a book from it! Hazy Math Algebra Nerd is an anagram of my full name, but good luck going backwards. You know what else is an anagram of my name? Garbled, Hazy Earthman. What else? Earth: by Grandma Hazel. That last one freaks me out: I have a Grandma Hazel, she quilts, and one of her quilts could very well have been named Earth. Or Heart. There’s your Nostradamus.