Bowling and pool at the Garage

3 01 2009

Everybody’s pretty much back from the break, so we all got together at The Garage, a bowling alley – pool hall – bar on Boradway right off campus.  I’ve passed it a million times, but I’ve never been inside, but I was pretty impressed when we got in.  For Seattle, there weren’t too many hipsters; for Capital Hill, there weren’t too many thugs.  Rachel and I got there a little late and waited for them to finish a gam eof bowling, and since it’s by the hour there, we ll played another game.  Rachel beat her all time record by getting a 54.  She even got a strike with the tried-and-true method of a straight throw with minimal velocity that barely makes it to the end but mows down everything anyway.  My first shot was a strike, and I got a coupel more after that, but I never could pick up a spare.  Actually, on one of the strike, I had one pin left, but it didn’t clear the other pins, so I just threw a ball into the mess and managed to knock it down.  Still counts.  And for not bowling in years (althought I have seen the Big Lebowski a couple times between then and now), I managed to tie for first with a 104.  That edges on my record too.

After that, we returned our shoes and I heard that Glen had somehow staked out a pool table.  The Garage has about as many pool tables as lanes, which I’ll just guess as 20, and the tables are always packed, as far as I’ve seen.  And this was a Friday night in Seattle.  I went between playing a game and playing with my new camera.  Little did they know that the frat house I stayed at all summer (while doing research at WSU on the dielectric properties and percolation thresholds thereof of carbon nanofiber reinforced plastic composite thin membranes) had a pool table with fast felt and a few gouges, so I knew how to improvise.  I scratched on a break, so Brian went for a long corner shot, missed, and scratched; I went for the same shot, banked the cue ball first, and sank it.  Just the thing that makes him grind his teeth.  And playing with my new camera and lens, a Nikon D40 with a Nikkor VR 55-200 took up the rest of the night.  When I first got an iPhone, I couldn’t put it down; Brian just got the google phone, and he can’t either; and now I have a new toy to play with, learn the features, and look up how aperture affects depth of field.  Sure, I can figure out the wavelegth of laser light bounced off a ruler onto a wall, but I can’t figure that one out.  All I know it, when in a dark pool hall with quick subjects and a zoom lens, keep the ISO high and take a lot of photos.  Some managed to come out fine:

Pool at the Garagedsc_2844-thumbdsc_2882-thumb1dsc_2890-thumb